My dad is often compelled to tell stories - when something catches his eye during his day at the store, at a special family event or even at a routine get together. Something will flash in his eyes and he will reminisce about a simpler time when family-run food stores were the norm; when a walk down “Main Street,” wherever that was, conjured up memories of tradition, family and kinship; when a stroll around town often ended around the dinner table with good food and great friends. People knew their butcher by face, the same butcher knew his customers and often customers & friends were one and the same. As a butcher at one of those family-run food stores, my dad knew his customers’ stories, friends, families & dinner preferences. This was a time when a “butcher shop” or “food store” was much more than either of those names would suggest; they were integral parts of a community’s fabric that brought people together for storied conversations, lovingly prepared foods & wonderful times.

As much as things have changed over the years, many things remain quite the same. A great steak, wonderfully marbled & exquisitely tender, is in some ways no different than all those many years ago. And yet farms have become larger and more industrial. At the KMP, we have chosen to prioritize small family farms that have a lesser environmental footprint. Family farmers generally inherit their land from their ancestors and, in turn, they inherit a legacy representing the hard work of prior generations. This places a tremendous sense of responsibility on today’s family farmers to protect and care for their lands. They are excellent stewards of natural resources, employ healthy soil building practices and are uniquely capable of understanding their farm’s impact on its surrounding ecosystem. Family farmers also often pass on their knowledge to future generations. They raise their children to cherish the personal connection of being able to grow their own food and respect the values of sustainable farming.

Another clear similarity between today and years past is expectations of kindness and familiarity in interpersonal exchanges. My dad’s vision, and mine as well, has always been to create a friendly environment where our wonderful patrons are treated with absolute kindness and respect. We want our customers to know that our constant goal is your unequivocal satisfaction with our products and services.

In our Prepared Foods department, we try to focus on both the classics of yesteryear as well as the more eclectic, globally-influenced gourmet fare of today. Our partners deliver fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry & fish every morning. These items are then fully cooked on premises by our professional kitchen staff to craft the freshest and most flavorful dishes. We strive to please food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, whatever their tastes and preferences may be.

As you may have already guessed, The Kosher Marketplace was founded by my dad, master butcher & long-time proprietor, Alan Kaufman. The year was 1998. My dad remains the driving force behind the KMP and it is the embodiment of his life-long passion to provide the finest quality meats, poultry & fish, prepared foods & specialty products for his customers. My dad still runs the store, along with my mom, Fran, and our long-time “family” employees. The business abides by our principles: a strong focus on sustainable sourcing from local family-run farms & fishermen who observe the highest standards of animal welfare & are diligently concerned with the environmental impact of their activities.

At all times, we commit to having a team of wonderful, dedicated & professional employees who work to ensure that your needs & concerns are fully addressed. We proudly stand behind all that we sell & always want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with not just your purchases, but with your entire KMP experience. We promise to provide the finest quality fresh meats, gourmet foods & specialty products because we value you - our wonderful patrons - and want you to consume only the best. That is The Kosher Marketplace experience & we ALWAYS stand behind it!

Jack Kaufman,
On Behalf of Alan, Fran, & The Entire Kosher Marketplace Family

Our People

Alan - Proprietor (a.k.a. "The Dad")
As the founder & operational head of the store, I strive to truly ensure that our "Food is So Good Even Grandma Would Approve." I love supervising the arrival of our fresh meats, poultry & fish, as well as observing & commenting on the setup & presentation of the store. Early bird that I am, I tend to arrive at the KMP around 6am daily and my first spoon goes in the soup (so to speak) shortly thereafter. Direct interaction with our special customers is the greatest part of my day.

Jack - Proprietor (a.k.a. "The Son")
My main concern is that our wonderful customers are always completely happy with every facet of our store. Spectacular customer service, selection, quality and value should be abundantly present in every visit & interaction, whether in the physical store, over the phone or online. Please let us know if we can ever do better in any way by sending me an email at

Fran - Treasure Hunter
Specialty food truly does not work without the "specialty" part. I love finding new and unique products which are from smaller suppliers & are superior in one or more identified ways: healthier, better-tasting, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, raw, vegan, local or the like. Are you a fellow treasure hunter? Please send me an email at with what you have “discovered” and I will gladly set forth with my fellow explorers to investigate!

Herman - Master Butcher
I have extensive knowledge and experience in the cutting of all types of beef, lamb, veal & poultry. I work closely with Alan to identify small family farms which meet our exacting standards. This means all the animals must be treated humanely, the environment respected & the final product must be of impeccably high quality in terms of freshness, presentation, texture & taste.

Carlos - Purveyor of Culinary Delights
Our wonderful patrons are everything to us and your satisfaction is my entire goal. I want to know what you think about our selection, service & quality, as well as how the entire KMP team treats you. I want your entire experience, from interaction to presentation to your actual meal, to be spectacular and, once we get to that point, I want to go further still.