The KMP Difference


Our core principles

1. Humanely & Healthfully-Raised Fresh Meats & Poultry of the Highest Quality with Industry-Leading Labels for all Products;

2. Sustainably-Sourced Fresh Fish of Superior Quality, Discriminately Caught Locally (Whenever Possible) from Healthy Schools;

3. First-Rate Prepared Foods made Fresh on Premises Daily with Ingredients Sourced as Indicated Within These Principles;

4. A Detailed Attribute-Identification Program for each Prepared Food Item;

5. A Constant Focus on Producing & Merchandising the Finest, Healthiest & Most Delectable Globally-Influenced Foods;

6. A Continuous Emphasis on Specialty Products which are Healthful, Artisanal & Sustainably Delicious, Sourced from Similarly-Minded & Local (Whenever Possible) Small Businesses;

7. The Strictest & Most Diligent Rabbinical Supervision;

8. A Beautifully Clean Store in Optimal Physical Appearance;

9. Fantastic Customer Service which is Always Focused on YOU, Our Wonderful Customers;

10. Our Absolute Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Under Alan’s expert supervision, the KMP has been able to make numerous agreements with small family farms which espouse a philosophy equal to ours and have unrivaled products. This philosophy includes the following bedrock principles:

All animals must be treated humanely, from birth through the shechita process.

All farms must be regularly inspected to ensure that they are in compliance with all criteria listed here.

All farms must have a strong ethos of sustainability, as well as demonstrated practices in support of such convictions.

A detailed land management plan must be in place.

All farms must be family-run and, wherever possible, local.

All feed must be free of animal byproducts.

All of our humanely-raised specialty meats and poultry must be of exceptional quality & possess the highest caliber nutritional content, appearance, marbling, tenderness & taste.

Poultry from Small, Family-Owned & Operated Farms

Family farmers care about the health and well-being of their animals and, as a result, foster conditions which are low stress, humane and allow for the healthful upbringing of these animals. Family farmers further take great care of their land, ensuring that it will remain healthful and viable for future generations.

We carry a tremendous selection of Fresh Poultry and all items are labeled with our custom attribute designations as you see below. These labels detail where each animal was born, the environment in which it was raised & the specific characteristics of the final product.


As with the above-referenced poultry, we carry an extensive selection of Fresh Beef and all items are labeled with our custom attribute designations as you see below.

These labels detail where each animal was born, the environment in which it was raised & the specific characteristics of the final product.

Sustainably-Sourced Fresh Fish Brought in Daily

At The Kosher Marketplace, we have recognized a major need for fundamentally altering the way that our oceans are interacted with by people. As important to nutrition as fish can be (nearly 3 billion people rely on fish as a major source of protein), we believe that sustainable fishing is absolutely critical to the success of our planet. Human activities, led by overfishing, have seen the populations of fish species utilized by humans fall by half or so in the last forty years. When fish are taken from unhealthy schools, harvested by indecent methods or caught in quantities beyond a reasonable replacement rate, we threaten the future viability of our oceans for all of us. Ironically, although in need of far greater protections, it is estimated that only 3.4 percent of the oceans are protected and, of this minuscule amount, only part of that is effectively managed. It is imperative that we all do our part to preserve the beauty, harmony and wondrous gifts of the Earth’s oceans.

We carry a tremendous selection of Fresh Fish and all items are labeled with our custom attribute designations as you see below. These labels detail where each fish was caught, the environment in which it was raised & the specific characteristics of the final product.

Local, Farm Fresh Produce

Our produce arrives daily from small, usually local, family farms. It is our strong feeling that when you buy locally grown produce from family farms, you are getting the produce in its peak state of flavor, health & freshness. Standard produce is often picked before it’s ready, something that can greatly affect taste, as well as nutrition. That’s because food starts to change as soon as it’s plucked from the earth and tender vitamins such as C, E, A and thiamine begin to deteriorate. Temperature changes, as well as exposure to air and artificial light, can also rob fruits & vegetables of nutrients.

Prepared Foods

Our entire team endeavors each and every day to produce specialty fare, made on premises, which reflects our global experience, training and dedication to the craft of cooking. We rely on seasonal flavors, locally foraged produce and fresh ingredients to create cosmopolitan dishes as diverse as Miso-Crusted “Drunken” Chilean Sea Bass & as classic as Chopped Liver & Kasha Varnishkes. Irrespective of the complexity of the dish, we always strive to create the highest quality products for YOU, our wonderful customers.

Our specialty foods have been globally-influenced through our own experiences, as well as those of others who have assisted us. We are always reading about and traveling the world in order to seek out new sustainably-sourced ingredients, cooking methods and final preparations. As an example of such, we now make fresh pasta several times weekly, on an imported machine from Puglia, Italy. Mixing, cutting and drying is all done in-house and we are currently expanding this fresh pasta section.

And then...there is love and attention to detail. Once all the necessary components of a dish have been properly sourced, there still remains the ultimate challenge: preparing the food in the most delicious, presentable & exquisite manner. It is this step which probably requires the most care and diligence. It is also at this point that our entire team spares no effort to ensure that the final product is beautiful, healthful & ultimately palate-pleasing.

Specialty Products

We strongly believe in providing the highest-quality, healthiest & most sustainable specialty food products to our customers each day. We scour the globe in this effort and have made hundreds of connections with equally like-minded people & organizations across the world who also believe everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainable & high-quality gourmet foods. It is our goal to provide these specialty products to you daily.

Rabbinical Supervision

The Kosher Marketplace is extremely pleased to operate under the strict dual supervision of both the globally recognized and respected KOF-K, as well as the distinguished local Mehadrin Kashrus. Our Kosher Coordinator at KOF-K Kosher Supervision is Rabbi Nesanel Snow & the Administrator of Mehadrin Kashrus is Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein.

Customer Service

Wendeavor to provide you with a fantastic customer service experience each and every time you interact with us. We promise to promptly respond to your needs and concerns, always in a timely, courteous manner. We will always listen patiently & attentively to your thoughts and comments to provide the highest level of personalized service. At all times, we will greatly appreciate and value your patronage.

Our Simple Guarantee

Family-run since our inception, we want you to be happy with each and every interaction with The Kosher Marketplace. As a result, we firmly stand behind your Complete and Total Satisfaction with every purchase.

That is Our Simple Guarantee!